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It was a glorious idyll Live Sex Cam. When I saw the face of my wife a ray of sunlight pierced the canopy, was enlightened, I found the sight so beautiful that I absolutely had to photograph it. Because I wanted a picture of us do both, I built the camera on a tripod. While I adjusted the lens, I looked through the viewfinder of the camera like Karen lifted her dress to show me the lack of panties. Her legs spread apart, they had so that I could not only see the dark triangle of hair, but the red glow of her slightly parted pussy Live Sex Cam.

Something about the sight of irritated me, but I was the first matter, I wanted the image immediately in the box have. After I had conveyed the film, I saw, still through the viewfinder,Live Sex Cam a closer look and recognized as a cause of my irritation, that something sticking out of her cunt. She had inserted a peeled carrot. Since I did nothing. All of a sudden I had the irresistible urge to nibble on the carrot. I rushed to her knees and took the carrot between my teeth. My lips touched her here.

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